Policy Transition Team

I am proud to announce the formation of a Policy Transition Team that will tap the thinking, creativity and expertise of San Franciscans from all walks of life to provide ideas as she begins her Administration.

I believe great ideas come from the people of San Francisco who have had different life experiences and perspectives. I am looking forward to working with the Policy Transition Team to discuss best practices and innovative ideas as we work together to move San Francisco forward.

Veteran policy expert Joyce Newstat will serve as the Director of the Policy Transition Team. She has more than two decades working in public policy as well as experience in San Francisco City government. As Director of Public Policy for former Mayor Gavin Newsom, Newstat led the development of Mayor Newsom’s public policy agenda during his first mayoral campaign and first year in office, including same-sex marriage and developing assets for low-income families. She also led the policy work for the transition of Kamala D. Harris to the Office of Attorney General.

The Policy Transition Team will be comprised of committee members that represent San Franciscans from all neighborhoods and includes community activists, business leaders, academics, non-profit leaders and policy experts.

Policy Transition Team members will serve in committees that will focus on critical issues facing San Francisco and will enhance my existing policy platforms. In addition, San Franciscans are invited to submit policy ideas to the Policy Transition Team at www.londonformayor.com/your-policy-ideas/.

The Policy Transition Team will present innovative ideas and a review of best practices at a policy summit to be held on Saturday, July 14.

Thank you to everyone who participated:


Roberta Achtenberg

Suzy Loftus

Gorretti Lui

Rev. Cecil Williams


Amelia Ashley-Ward

Mary Cassidy

David Chan

Darlene Chiu Bryant

Sheryl Davis

Roma Guy

David Ho

Mary Jung

Pius Lee

Myrna Melgar

Debbie Mesloh

Carole Migden

Janice Mirikitani

Matthew Rothschild

Debra Walker

Benny Yee


Sherilyn Adams

Stephen Adams

Bruce Agid

Irene Agnos

Irene  Agnos

Katherine Alba Swanson

Jessica Alfaro

Lynn Alywood

Peter Ambler

Brett Andrews

Wendy Aragon

Josh Arce

Sandy Arata Gandolfo

Amy Bacharach

Marietta Bartoletti

Gail Baugh

Leiasa Beckham

Kendall Beckett

Elmy Bermejo

Kevin Birmingham

Kathy Black

Gwyneth Borden

Bivett Brackett

Ivor Bradley

Kimberly Brandon

Michael Breyer

Derick Brown

Tracy Brown

Derick Brown

Tracy Brown-Gallardo

Tami Bryant

Mark Buell

Miguel Bustos

Linda Calhoun

Seamus Canning

Joe Carouba

Kevin Carroll

Donna  Casey

Donna Miller Casey

Anne Cervantes

Matt Chamberlin

Patti Chang

David Chasteen

Cecilia Chen

Susan Christian

Wilson Chu

Stephanie Chuang

Anni Chung

Nanci Clarence

Josiah Clark

Laura Clarke

Chris Cleary

Michael Cohen

Jeff Columbini

Francee Convington

Nicki Cooper

Rudy Corpuz

Vince Courtney

FX Crowley

Deborah Cullinan

Todd David

Irene Dick-Endrizzi

Regina DIck-Endrizzi

Coleen Dowling

Ron Dudum

Elena Duggan

Mark Dunlop

Dan Dunnigan

Zoe Dunning

Peter Dwares

David Ebarle

Vinny Eng

Joel Engardio

John Entwistle

Oz Erickson

Andrea Evans

Amy Everitt

Ted Fang

Karoleen Feng

Lou Fisher

Elaine Forbes

Conny Ford

Nate Ford

Allegra Fortunati

Donnie Fowler

David Friedman

Sandy Gandolfo

Laurie Ghielmetti

Amit Ghosh

Leela Gill

Gail Gilma

Jewelle Gomez

Melanie Green

Melorra Green

Kathy Grogan

Anne Gyemant Paris

Lou Haas

Jeremy Haile

Meena Harris

Richard Harris

Rasha Harvey

Kristin Hayden

Roberto Hernandez

Hala Hijazi

Pia Hinckle

Joe Hollendoner

Crispin Hollings

Korey Hood

Anne Irwin

Reese Isbell

Caryl Ito

Yolanda Jackson

Jennifer Johnson

Sharon Johnson

Dion Jones

Dwayne Jones

Jeff Jones

Genevieve Jopanda

Benj Jurcisin

Lauren Kahn

Henry Karnilowicz

Leslie Katz

Barbara Kaufman, Former Supervisor*

Anna Kearney

Krissy Keefer

Dorka Keehn

Chris Keene

Sean Keighran

Celine Kennelly

Vas Kiniris

John Konstin

Michael Krause

Amie Latterman

Jim Lazarus

Joan Lefkowitz

Daniela Lencioni

Wallace Levin

David Elliot Lewis

Susan Lowenberg

Buffy Maguire

Victor Makras

Shauna Marshall

Lily Marshall-Fricker

Miranda Martin

Ben Matranga

Adam Mayer

Jim Mayo

Anita Mayo

Larry Mazzola, Jr.

Denise McCarthy

Marti McKee

Ken McNeely

Megan McTiernan

Amanda Michael

Matthew Miller

Olga Miranda

Kunal Modi

Kate Monaco Klein

Marilyn Mondejar

Kate Monico Klein

Marlayne Morgan

Sandi Mori

Geoffrea Morris

Anne Moses

Sam Moss

Tomiquia Moss

John Moylan

Nabiel Musleh

Snyder Myra

Adhi Nagraj

Stephen Nakajo

Jane Natoli

Lyn Nelson

Janan New

Craig Newmark

Rachel Norton

Jessica Nowlan

John O’Connor

Tom O’Connor

Coleman O’Leary

John O’Riordan

Margaret O’Sullivan

Victor Oliveri

Meredith Osborn

Nancy Otto

Caroline Parker

Cynthia Parker

Linda Parker Pennington

Vinay Patel

Brad Paul

Tim Paulson

Jason Pellegrini

Tim Persyn

Diarmud Philpott

Leanne Pittsford

Abby Porth

Sunshine Powers

Tim Pozar

Lisa Pritzker

Tony Prophet

Rebecca Prozan

Yvette Radford

Joanna Rees

Janet Reilly

Tony Ribera

Ken Richard

Shawn Richard

Linda Fadeke Richardson

John Ring

Kerry Riordan-Sykes

Dion Roberts

Jeff Rocca

Alix Rosenthal

Bill Russell-Shapiro

Sean Ryan

Eric Safire

Jim Salinas

Oscar Salinas

Mark Scardina

Ellie Schafer

Cathy Schreiber

Dale Schroedel

Carrie  Schwab Pomerantz

Mattie Scott

Doug Shoemaker

Sandra Shorenstein

Andrea Shorter

Belinda Sihra

Lateefah Simon

Timothy Alan Simon

Smita Singh

Belinda Sirha

Corey Smith

Myra Snyder

Kate Sofis

Esta Soler

Jack Song

Judy Sorro

Gladys Soto

Roger Soudah

Lisa Spiegel

Jessica Stender

Heather Stephenson

Lisa Stone Pritzker

Rick Swig

Kim Tavaglione

Pratibha Tekkey

Egon Terplan

Joey Toboni

Julie Traun

Brook Turner

Patty Turok

Patrick Uniake

Beverly Upton

Isabel Wade

Villy Wang

Marianna Warmee

Jim Warshell

Laney Whitcanack

Buffy Wicks

Brian Wiedenmeier

Lisa Williams

Alex Wong

Cally Wong

Lorraine Woodruff-Long

Mary Woods

Brenda Wright

Azia Yenne

Josephine Zhao

Breanna Zwart

In addition, sixteen San Franciscans with policy expertise, community leadership and advocacy backgrounds will serve as co-chairs of the Policy Transition Team:

Amelia Ashley-Ward, Publisher, Sun-Reporter

Mary Cassidy, native San Franciscan, retired UCSF nurse, currently a broker associate at Coldwell Banker, and community advocate with decades of experience having served on numerous community boards.

Darlene Chiu Bryant, native San Franciscan, current Executive Director of GlobalSF, and former Executive Director of ChinaSF, which brought in more than $5.1 billion in Foreign Direct Investment.

David Chan, an experienced public and personal safety specialist and community activist working directly with San Francisco law enforcement agencies.  Community organizer serving as an advocate within the API community

Sheryl Davis, Executive Director of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and founding director of the Mo’ Magic Collaborative.

Roma Guy, activist for rights of women & girls, LGBTQI, and equity related to health access, housing, parity for mentally ill population and issues of incarceration. A founder of SF Women’s Building.

David Ho, community advocate and organizer with over 20 years experience, 15 of those years dedicated to the Chinatown Community Development Center, Co-Founder of the API Council and the Rose Pak Community Fund.

Mary Jung, veteran Democratic activist, current San Francisco Arts Commissioner, and former Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party. Previous service in the Mayor’s Office of Community Development and Housing.

Pius Lee, President of California Realty & Land Inc., Chairman, Chinatown Neighborhood Association, former Port and Police Commissioner, former Chair of the Chinatown Economic Development Group.

Myrna Melgar, VP of the SF Planning Commission and ED of the Jamestown Community Center.  Serves on Board of Directors of the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Executive Board of the Latino Democratic Club.

Debbie Mesloh, President of the SF Commission on the Status of Women and longtime women’s rights advocate.   Former Co-Chair of the transition team for Senator-Elect Kamala D. Harris and former Obama appointee.

Former State Senator Carole Migden, former San Francisco State Senator, State Assemblywoman, and San Francisco Supervisor.  Her legislative career was the subject of an award winning documentary, Political Animals.

Janice Mirikitani, Co-Founder of Glide Foundation and 2nd Poet Laureate of San Francisco, Jan has developed comprehensive programs for the poor, violence prevention and recovery for women, families, and men.

Matthew Rothschild, native San Franciscan and graduate of Georgetown University and UC Hastings College of Law.  Former Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party and the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club.

Debra Walker, former member of the San Francisco Building Inspection Commission and chair of several task forces focusing on the arts, land use, tenants, and housing.  Professional artist with experience in publishing & advertising.

Benny Yee, member of the SF Taipei Sister City Committee and served over 12 years as a commissioner on the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.